The Caring for Each Other logo: A white background what an illustrated blue hand in a circle around three icon people in gray, blue, and purple, with the words "Caring for Each Other" in gray underneath.

Caring For Each Other

Our team members are our most valuable resource, and we are committed to creating space to process events and provide support. Learn about how we care for each other at Duke Health.

Caring For Each Other Fund

The Caring for Each Other Fund is designed to support our team members experiencing emergency needs. If you are an eligible team member, please consider applying for assistance.


We foster a positive and safe work
culture for all Duke Health team members and provide meaningful interventions that focus on promoting awareness and professionalism and addressing harm.

A great workplace is one in which everyone feels included. That’s not just feel-good talk; it’s science. Research has demonstrated time and again that a feeling of belonging is one of the strongest drivers of engagement and that diverse teams get better results. There is an innovation component as well: working with people who are different from us challenges our brains to learn new ways of thinking and sharpen our performance. 

At Duke Health, diversity is one of our core values. We know that providing world-class healthcare depends on the exchange of ideas — which only happens when we draw out and draw upon the rich diversity of our backgrounds, cultures, identities and experiences. 

We must actively foster inclusion by making sure everyone feels safe and welcome, all contributions are respected, and all voices are heard. But reaching this state of affairs does not just happen; it takes work.  

So, we search for diverse talent. We encourage authenticity. We make it safe to propose new ideas and empower all team members to make decisions. And we build bridges by making crucial connections between people and groups.