The Caring for Each Other logo: A white background what an illustrated blue hand in a circle around three icon people in gray, blue, and purple, with the words "Caring for Each Other" in gray underneath.

Caring For Each Other

Our team members are our most valuable resource, and we are committed to creating space to process events and provide support. Learn about how we care for each other at Duke Health.

Icon illustration of two people in conversation. White background with teal icon outlines.

Challenging Conversations

Have you ever struggled with how to engage in challenging conversations? Learn how to listen, implement a feedback model, and navigate challenging conversations to maximize success.

White background with blue, yellow, and green letters spelling HUB: Helping You Belong. Byline says in black: "Connecting our people at Duke Health."

Affinity Groups

By gathering team members around a unifying purpose, mission, background or activity, affinity groups can help us find a sense of community in a big and complex organization. Connect with peers across the health system.