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Caring for Each Other

We recognize that our team members are our most valuable resource, and we are committed to creating space to process events and provide support. If you’d like to speak with a peer for individual or group support, or if your unit/department needs emotional support rounding, please call 919-684-9222, email caringforeachother@duke.edu, or click the “access peer support” button (for individual peer support) below.  

Caring for Each Other includes:

  • Individual Peer Support, individual sessions in which peers offer support to their colleagues 
  • Group Peer Support, group support sessions for units/departments that have experienced an adverse event
  • Emotional Support Rounding, rounding by peers who provide brief, supportive interactions throughout a unit/department, often on a regular schedule
  • Conversations with Colleagues, group sessions in which peers emotionally support each other on a specific topic, such as fatigue, work/life balance, or racial justice. The sessions are facilitated by licensed Duke social workers. Sign up here for an upcoming sessions.

All programs provide supportive listening, validating/normalizing, information on self-care, and referrals to team members who experience a patient care event (e.g., safety event, workplace violence event, moral injury); a professional stressor (e.g., co-worker death, staff well-being, conflict, communication); or a personal issue that impacts work.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Caring for Each Other logo: A white background what an illustrated blue hand in a circle around three icon people in gray, blue, and purple, with the words "Caring for Each Other" in gray underneath.

Caring for Each Other Teams and Contact:

Duke University Hospital

Contact: Kristen Lakis, MDiv, LCSW

kristen.lakis@duke.edu, 919-668-6812

Pager: 919-206-9785

Duke Raleigh Hospital
Program Manager: Lauren Johns, M.ED, BSN, RN, LCMHC

lauren.johns@duke.edu, 919-307-0531

Duke Regional Hospital
Program Manager: Eric Hexdall


DHIP, Duke Homecare & Hospice, Duke Primary Care

Contact: Kristen Lakis, MDiv, LCSW

kristen.lakis@duke.edu, 919-668-6812

Pager: 919-206-9785

More infocaringforeachother@duke.edu