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DUHS Professionalism Program

The DUHS Professionalism Program fosters a positive and safe work culture for all Duke Health team members and provides meaningful interventions that focus on promoting awareness and professionalism and addressing harm.

Specifically, the program:

  1. trains Duke team members to become Peer Messengers;
  2. tracks professionalism incidents and offers resources and options to address harm; and
  3. supports team members and managers to foster a positive work environment. 

Through meaningful interventions and partnerships, the DUHS Professionalism Program furthers Duke Health’s commitment to excellence, safety, integrity, diversity, and teamwork.

DUHS Professionalism includes:    

  • Peer Messenger Conversations, informal ways of communicating information objectively to a team member about their behavior and impact and encourage accountability.
  • Restorative Justice, an ethical framework that
    focuses on building community by living our shared values of respect, honesty, responsibility, and compassion. Options include proactive circles to build relationships in units and departments, and responsive circles to address harm.
  • Skill Building Trainings, such as “Cultivating
    Professional Behavior” and our “Peer Messenger Training.”