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Restorative Justice (RJ)

Duke Health integrates restorative justice principles into our work to strengthen community, build trust, and repair harm between team members.

A practice rooted in indigenous traditions, restorative justice upholds that people are interconnected and part of a community, that harm affects both individuals and the collective, and that healing and reconciliation are far more effective than punishment.

Proactive Circles

We focus on building relationships, trust, and belonging across Duke Health. To that end, we facilitate community-building circles in units and departments to foster our connectedness and to increase our trust in each other and in our teams. We do this work proactively to prevent conflict, improve communication, and cultivate belonging.

Responsive Circles

When harm has occurred, we offer a guided, structured process to bring all participants together, create a safe and confidential space, promote accountability and taking responsibility, and work to repair the harm in an inclusive and collaborative way within the context of their community.

More questions? Want to discuss bringing restorative practices to your area? Contact melissa.segal@duke.edu