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Culture and Well-Being Trainings

We offer two trainings to help us care for each other. Registration is accessible through the title links. The Caring for Each Other logo: A white background what an illustrated blue hand in a circle around three icon people in gray, blue, and purple, with the words "Caring for Each Other" in gray underneath.

Caring for Each Other (Peer Support) Training

Learn how to provide emotional support to your peers by listening to understand, validating their experiences, talking about self-care, and identifying appropriate resources as needed. After this training, you’ll have the building blocks to provide support when your colleagues experience a patient care event (e.g., safety event, workplace violence event, moral injury); a professional stressor (e.g., co-worker death, staff well-being, conflict, communication); or a personal issue that impacts work. The initial training is a two-hour, interactive session with practice scenarios.

Caring for Our Team Members (for Managers)

In this engaging session, you will learn how to provide support to your direct reports after adverse events. We’ll practice how to listen deeply, help our team members process their experiences, escalate as appropriate, talk about self-care, and identify escalations and resources.

Grief Toolkit & Symposium

Access archives of symposium and grief panel recordings, along with a grief toolkit (Duke login required).